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Residential Electrical

Do you require an electrician at home? Matt and the team have years of experience with all domestic electrical problems. Give us a call today on 0423 410 073, 24/7 service available in Geelong. 

Commercial Electrical and Fitouts

Geelong Electrical are Commercial, Industrial and Fitout Electrical specialists. We understand what you require in a commercial electrician and will ensure your projects work smoother, faster and onbudget. 

Residential Air Conditioning Geelong

Are you considering split system, ventilation and evaporative air conditioning? Talk to us today about how Geelong Electrical can help all your air conditioning and heating requirements. 

Geelong’s Leading Electricians and Electrical Services

If you are looking for a domestic or industrial electrician in Geelong, we can help. We have been providing locals with the best quality for many years. We take pride in our reputation for excellence, knowing that the local community comes to us for an electrician they can trust. This dedication to customer satisfaction sets us apart from our competition and helps us develop lasting relationships with our clients, ensuring they know where to come for all their electrical servicing needs. 


Need an Electrician in Geelong? We can help

Do you need a licensed professional electrician in Geelong? Call us directly on 0423 410 073 we’ll look after you 24/7 across Geelong, Bellerine ,Surf Coasts and surrounds.

Matt has been an electrician in Geelong, Victoria for 17 years and is well-versed in all aspects of the Electrical industry. As one of the  benefits of having been active in his field for so long, he has long-standing working relationships with electrical supply wholesalers, and passes on savings to his customers.

Geelong Electrical is as much Matt as he is the epitome of Geelong Electrical. Being a family man himself, Matt personally ensures that costs are controlled in  jobs undertaken by Geelong Electrical. He knows how important it is to keep costs down as much as possible, along with being as flexible as is reasonably possible in how jobs are approached.

At Geelong Electrical, Matt and the staff always strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Where some companies offer highly competitive rates, customer service usually suffers. Not so with Matt. Aside from having some of the more competitive rates in the industry, he and the staff are known for providing highly-personalised services along with providing extensive warranties on services and products offered and provided. Commercial, Industrial & Domestic Electrical contractor – Call Matt on 0423-410-073

Matt and Geelong Electrical does all electrical, phone, data and tv installation and maintenance jobs. Above all, Geelong Electrical can be counted on to be reliable and fair in terms of work delivery and attitude.

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Geelong Electrical is fully-qualified to design and/or implement the circuitry your shop or office needs with a minimum of disruption in any existing operations. We employ quick and efficient work processes so you can start or resume full-blast operations in the least amount of time.  Contact us today for your Geelong electrical contractor needs.

We have qualified emergency electricians standing by the phone to respond to your emergency calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Our professional team will respond to your emergencies in an efficient manner with a smile and utmost courtesy.

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